List poparcia dla Ukrainy
11 marca 2014, wtorek

Dear President, Dear Colleague, We have been watching closely the recent development in Ukraine and we strongly believe that the Ukrainian Nation should have the right to decide about the future of its country only by the means od open dialogue and Democracy.

The Association of Polish Architects therefore fully support the Statement of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

We sypathize with all our hearts with all the victims of the unnecessary and useless violence which has taken place and we do hope that it will not ever happen again.

We also do believe that United Europe is the exciting project which represents the best possible alternative for our Old Continent. We therefore strongly advocate the idea of us, Europeans getting closer together in a long yet, as we believe, irrevocable process. That always begins with tightening of relations between people on various levels including ourselves, the architects.

We would like to express our sincere solidarity with the Colleagues from NUAU and all Ukrainian people in their striving for freedom and better future of their independent country!

Yours respectfuly,

arch. Mariusz Ścisło
President of Association of Polish Architects

arch. Jerzy Grochulski
UIA II Region Council Member

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